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Cleaning Equipment


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Home Cleaning

As the client, you have the option to have everything cleaned every time, or have us create a custom cleaning rotation that is specific to individual budgets and needs. The team of one to three professionals always includes a cleaning supervisor to ensure a job well done. We can manage the cleanliness of your home on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis with flexible scheduling. Call 631-490-7600 today to schedule a service in Long Island from Nassau County to Eastern Suffolk County.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets can retain unthinkable amounts of hazardous material that a vacuum alone cannot remove. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, skin and insect particles can be trapped deep inside the fibers. Utilizing professional tools, our carpet cleaning services will safely remove dirt, odors, spots and allergens from any carpet both commercial or in home.

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Post Construction Cleaning 

Following new construction or renovations, our team can finish the job. There’s nothing worse than the film of dust and debris that resonate after a big job. Our staff is trained to clean up after construction utilizing the proper tools and procedures to leave the new work sparkling.

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Air BnB, Hamptons summer rentals and shared properties are some of our specialities. Property management services help to maintain rentals both pre and post visits to keep the space manicured, clean and appealing. This will keep the property owner at ease and the guests feeling relaxed and comfortable. 

However, these services go beyond cleaning. They can also include full property oversight. Convenient for snow birds or even just busy residences, we can provide care for the property such as checking in, cleaning, arranging for landscapers, having the driveway paved or even accomplishing the food shopping.

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Move-In / Move Out Cleaning

Packing all your belongings is stressful enough. We can pack you up and can handle the rest. Whether you are looking to reset your old living space for the next owners, trying to get back your security deposit, or looking for a fresh start in a new place, The Cleaning Girls are there. With in-depth scrubbing services, you would never know that the shower or oven was used before.


Fire, Floods, Accidents, Chimney puff backs, Mold : In the dreaded situation of a structural disaster or accident scene, we can help. Whether it’s water damage, fire/smoke damage, or unattended death, our remediation team will reset the scene. We will remove moisture and mold, smoke and dust particles, and also biohazardous or bodily fluids in the safest manner. Such a cleanup must be handled by trained and licensed professionals.

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Window Cleaning

Have your residential or commercial windows sparkle inside and out. We can get into those hard to reach spots normally inaccessible. Using high quality equipment and cleaning supplies, windows and other glass fixtures can be transformed. We also clean crystal chandeliers and even replace the light bulbs. Whether you are looking for a commercial maintenance package or looking to add to your home’s appearance, we’ve got you covered.

Deep Clean

Unlike your typical house cleaning, the deep clean goes beyond routine maintenance. The deep cleaning services include EXTRA everything: Extra scrubbing, extra dusting, extra elbow grease , extra details. Have your home sanitized and decontaminated, even inside your appliances. We will go out of our way to clean under furniture, inside fridge and freezer and even address the blinds one by one. It is recommended to start with a deep clean, then it can be followed up with routine maintenance.

Cleaning Services

For further information about The Cleaning Girls, Inc., a free estimate, or to schedule a service, call 631-490-7600.

Disinfecting Hotel Room

Touchless Disinfection and Sanitizing Services 

With the rising concerns of sanitation in mind, don’t hesitate to have us clean for you. Only healthy staff will enter the home. They arrive fully suited from head to toe in protective gear which also includes masks, gloves, and booties at all times. For the protection of both our team and the client, we can sanitize and disinfect without touching any surfaces. This is possible with the use of the Protexus cordless electrostatic sprayer. This powerful spraying tool releases a mist that attacks microbes and effectively decontaminates to make your home or work space safe and healthy.

Green Cleaning

For those of you that are environmentally or health conscious, our green cleaning service can be requested. With the same cleaning standards, your home can be cleaned with alternative products that are safe and sustainable. These cleaning products, meeting the guidelines of the EPA, are lower in volatile organic compounds and better for individuals with allergy and asthma problems.

Cleaning Tables

Dumpster Rentals Junk Removal

For large amounts of trash/junk that the town garbage collection won’t take away, we can provide dumpster rentals. The dumpsters can hold debris from construction or all the leftovers from an estate cleaning. They are also useful for collecting large amounts of office and home materials to get them out of the way fast.

In a case where the dumpster is not needed or time is of the essence we can have all debris gone within hours with the aid of a dump truck. This is ideal when prepping a house for sale because the sight of a dumpster can interfere with the home's appeal.

On a smaller scale, paper clutter can be equally as irritating. To get rid of all those undesirable old bills and irrelevant files safely, we arrange ON-SITE paper shredding services. With paper shredding, you can clear up your space significantly with the confidence that your identity is secure.

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